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Jan 30, 2015:Frederick better be ready for a loud as hell punk rock Kabob show tonight...
Jan 30, 2015:RT @SignsPointEast: #Fredrock, tonight: @cuttingagency at @Cafe_611@/Kabobotaj & #JackFunk at #Guidos #listen #local @fredplaylist @bucket_?
Jan 27, 2015:Intimate show at Guido's this Friday. Our stage is your stage. We got tickets for @FrozenHarbor too!
Jan 23, 2015:RT @cgak: JOB POSTING: Taco holder Job description- Hold taco shells while I stuff them and eat. FULL TIME POSITION. BE PREPARED TO WORK 7 ?
Jan 22, 2015:#fhmf15 is coming!!! We play 2/20, big stage, amazing sound, get your tickets from us now!!!

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